How much does custom software cost to develop and can your company afford it? Should you hire a freelancer or the local small software consultancy? Or maybe you should take the “safe” route and hire one of the giants (No one ever got fired for hiring IBM, right? But can your business afford their sky high hourly rates? There’s a sea of options when hiring a software development company, and a lot of variability in pricing. At DevCode we enter the market at a very reasonable price while offering the best quality software services out there. We want to enable both small and large businesses to grow and succeed without breaking the bank. Here is a breakdown of our development fees:

Example – Project of 80 hours with 2 resources:

* Your project takes 80 hours to complete, you want it done in 40 hours, so we assign your project with 2 resources. Thus the calculation is as follow:​

1 Resource - Delivery ETA

80 hrs 100%
Pricing break down

2 Resources - Delivery ETA

40 hrs50%
Pricing break down

Process Flow

How does the process work?

1. Client Requirements

We capture all client requirements from both a functional and a design level.

3. Code

From the design and planning we initiate development.

5. Hand Over

Finalizing the handover to the client with an awesome experience!

2. Design

We formulate our designs based on the requirements specifications.

4. Testing

We ensure that our clients are satisfied with their product, therefore we enforce thorough quality assurance tests.

6. Maintain

Maintaining and supporting software going forward.